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Evolution of brands

Brands 1.0

The marketing tradition has been rational and has been based on 1.0 brands that have been created through a clear product differentiation called unique selling proposition (USP), which is based on science or technological superiority. These brands are focused on sociodemographic and generalist segmentations.


Currently, they have ceased to predominate due to the difficulty in differentiating themselves only by the product and not achieving a true emotional connection with people, and for this reason they have evolved towards 2.0 brands.

Brands 2.0

2.0 brands are based on emotional marketing. These brands no longer focus only on the product, but on a deep truth, on attitudinal segmentations and with values that detect human insight as a starting point to build a positioning and a differentiating emotional benefit.


They are brands that build equity and business potential due to their high emotional content in building brands and in the sales force, without forgetting product innovation that supports their brand proposal. It has been the brands with big budgets in mass media and idealized images to increase their penetration on a large scale. These brands today are evolving towards 3.0.

Brands 3 .0

For a few years now, 3.0 brands have gained more leadership. They have emerged from the strong economic crises experienced in the last decade, from fatigue with the idealised and unattainable images represented by brands, from the search for honesty and transparency, and at the same time more creativity in people's lives and a reconnection with the authentic side of cultures. 


People are looking for human brands with new values such as transformation, collaboration, honesty or ecology. Inspiring and creative brands that invite us to participate and improve our lives and the world we live in, and at the same time are brands which overcome their business results.


Brands that are superior in innovation and bring sustainable value in their product proposals, and take human emotions to a new level through the complete integration of mass media with digital media in a creative way, putting technology at the service of people to be useful in their day-to-day lives and build a community with which they can share and create. 

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