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Creative vision for brand growth

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My  background

With over 15 years of experience as a Strategic Director, I have a proven track record leading strategy in international advertising agencies, brand consultancies, and research companies like 14/DDB, Kantar Added Value Group, and Ipsos ASI London.I have also served as Director of Creative Strategy for the VW-Audi group and iconic brands like Levi's, Dolce & Gabbana, and Jack Daniel's. Additionally, I spearheaded the strategic direction for the first Super Bowl campaign for Barcelona-based electric car charger brand Wallbox.

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Transformative Brands


What are transformative brands?

Transformative brands are visionary, driven by heart and soul, not just profit. They focus on improving lives and positively impacting the world. Their transformative vision builds value and strengthens their business, using technology to serve people and fostering creative communities eager to participate.

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Agnès Rovira


Creative Strategy Director 

Telephone:   +34 670 270 139


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