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Success stories

Super Bowl Wallbox

Creation of a communcation strategy with 3.0 vision for the first SuperBowl campaign of the electric chargers brand Wallbox. The objetive was to impact the North American market and secure a solid business space for the brand. The campaign based on the idea ‘embrace electricity’ was about real people struck by lightening in EEUU and how they had overcome their fear to electricity with the purpose to embrace a bigger change towards a more sustainable world.

Results: Superbowl was a perfect storm campaign of 3 phases to create expectation, reach the perfect storm impact and achieve significant consideration after the event.  The TV ad aired during prime time achieved 104 million views, website traffic reached historic levels and in search engagement was multiplied by 3 compared to other brands. TV, digital and social media worked in synergy to maximise reach and consideration which achieved record results. Also, PR press strategy figures were impressive, reaching 7,5 billion impressions.

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